Daily Cash Summary    
    Month January  
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Sources Of Information:    
Information From Cash Register, Manual Ticket/ Receipts Summary,  
Computer Reports, Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursements Journals   
"pay out slips" or any other records used to record cash collections .  
and disbursements.    
Beginning Cash on Hand   100
( Change Fund )    
Total Daily Sales Excluding Tax and Tips   1818
Sales Tax Collected on Sales   182
Tips Charged On Credit Card Slips    
Note: Above amounts include all checks, cash, and credit slips.    
Collections on Accounts Receivable    
Other Cash Receipts:    
 Total Receipts   2000
Credit Card Sales Deposited Direct to Bank    
Charge Account Sales    
Cash Refunds (Not Already Adjusted In Daily Sales Amounts)    
Owners Draws    
Tips Paid Out    
 Total Payments and Adjustments   0
Cash on Hand Should Be   2100
Cash Per Actual Count    
Cash on Hand -- Actual Count    
Currency   1550
Checks   550
 Total Cash Per Count   2100
Cash Over (Short)   0
Total Cash Per Count   2100
Beginning Change Fund   100
Increase to Change Fund    
Decrease To Change Fund    
Change Fund Balance   100
Amount to Deposit   2000
Beginning Bank Balance   16300
Amount Deposited   2000
Credit Card Direct Deposits   0
 Total Deposits   2000
Checks Written    
Bank Charges    
Credit Card Processing Fees    
 Total Payments   0
Ending Bank Balance   18300
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