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There is no free lunch in the world. When the heavenly teacher asks for help, he will also give the other party a reward. Therefore, this kind of thing is usually agreed in advance. Chi asked strangely, "What is the reason for the rebellion of ghosts?" Hou Tianyang spread out his hands and said helplessly, "It's Ying Owl who is making trouble." As soon as the corners of his mouth twitched, he immediately understood why he had called himself. This Ying Owl is the name of a kind of ghost. The name sounds very elegant, but it can't hide the fact that it's a kind of prostitute. This Ying is also adulterous, but the name is really not pleasant to hear. When the founder of Xuanmen compiled the Hundred Ghosts Record, he would replace the name of the ghost with other names. Anyway, everyone knows what it means. Hou Tianyang was embarrassed to see that Chi was silent. He scratched his hair and said directly, "Ying Owl likes beautiful women most. I heard that there are already several beautiful girls in that university who have been violated by it and sucked by it. If it is not removed in time, I am afraid that more girls will be targeted by him.". But it's cautious by nature, and it's not easy to draw it out on its own initiative, but you know, I'm a big man, where can I draw it out? After thinking about it, I came to you. Sister Chi, you are very beautiful and very suitable for this task. With that, Hou Tianyang looked at her expectantly, "Sister Chi, what do you think?" At this point, Chi Zi will not refuse. If we don't get rid of this owl as soon as possible,push back racking system, more and more girls will suffer, not to mention that the Yang Qi of the human body will be sucked too much by ghosts, which will affect the health of the body, not to mention that they may even die, and eventually become a white skeleton. This task, she is really very suitable, first of all, she is a heavenly teacher, unlike other girls who do not have the power to protect themselves,shuttle rack system, and secondly she is really beautiful enough to draw out the owl. Seeing that he promised, Hou Tianyang was very happy and discussed the departure time with her. Late is not an affectation, feel that this matter as soon as possible to solve so that more girls suffer, "now just to noon, time is still early, it is better to start later.". I'll go back and pack up some things, and we'll meet under the old peach tree. Hou Tianyang answered happily, thinking that he was very happy to be able to do the task with her again. This kind of joy at seeing Si Ang who followed him like a fart bug, suddenly his face collapsed and he almost forgot that there was this little white face. But this gigolo is just an ordinary person, he is not a heavenly teacher, this kind of ghost hunting thing, ordinary people are the most taboo, he should not follow the past? With this kind of lucky mood, Hou Tianyang waited for Chi under the old peach tree, and when he saw Si Ang who came with Chi, industrial racking systems ,metal racking systems, he collapsed again. Sister Chi, are you going to take him with you? He's just an ordinary man. What if something happens to him? Hou Tianyang tried to dispel the idea of Si Ang and the past. "Mr. Si, you know, it's very dangerous for ordinary people to get involved in this kind of thing. When we catch ghosts, we don't have extra energy to protect ordinary people at all." Siang glanced at him lightly and took Chi's hand without speaking. Want to be alone? That depends on whether he agrees or not. Chi was grabbed by Siang's hand, the temperature of which was extremely low. Although she felt very comfortable in such a hot day, she was reminded all the time not to cheat on her, lest the snake spirit disease buried in her bones would be committed, and then everyone would take the dog together. So when he knew that Hou Tianyang had a mind for himself, he gave up his idea early, and even never showed him a trace of misunderstanding, but unfortunately it seemed that the effect was not too great. At this moment, Chi also wants to show his attitude, "You can rest assured that I will protect him." But in the heart dark thought, even the fierce ghost is afraid of him, a small win owl, how can he be afraid? Follow her, just to keep an eye on her and keep other male creatures away. The amnesiac Sion, like the living Sion, is an urgent stare, but one looks like a snake spirit disease, and the other is soft and cute like a big child. When Hou Tianyang heard this, he was really upset. He was still waiting for the day when he would break up with the gigolo who was raised by a woman. The next city is a four-hour drive from Wuzhen. They arrived around four o'clock in the afternoon, then went to eat something casually and went straight to the haunted university. The headmaster waited for them early and was very happy to see Hou Tianyang come back, but when he saw Chi and Siang, he was a little suspicious that they were too young and really had the ability to get rid of the ghosts that made trouble in the school? Hou Tianyang usually looks like a 2B youth who is very unreliable, but his strength is good, and it is easy to convince people. Under his assurance, the headmaster was dubious about Chi and decided to try it tonight. He had to get rid of the harmful ghost. Headmaster, we have to deal with the ghost tonight. It's better not to let students go out at will, especially girls, so as not to be killed again. Hou Tianyang exhorted. The headmaster had already made arrangements and said, "You can rest assured that I will send the campus police to guard around." Then he sighed, because several girls were killed by ghosts, which made them look like ghosts, scaring many students, even the reputation of the school was questioned, so at night those students did not dare to leave the dormitory at will, and even many girls asked for leave to go home and wait for these things to pass. The haunted place is an old teaching area in the southwest of the school. Because the building is too old, the school originally planned to demolish the building and rebuild it, but it was haunted, so the plan of rebuilding was put on hold. The headmaster came with two campus policemen who were full of Yang Qi, intending to see how the heavenly teacher caught ghosts. For the principal's curiosity, Hou Tianyang is very generous to tolerate, only said: "When the time comes, you do not frighten good." One sentence made the headmaster's heart tremble, but looking at Chi and Siang's calm appearance, he calmed down again. Hou Tianyang took advantage of the day before dark, quickly set up an amulet array around, and sprinkled some glutinous rice,automated warehouse systems, carefully merged into a Yin and Yang Eight Diagrams array, late tied a warning red rope around, and then gave the headmaster and two campus police the exorcism amulet he drew. kingmoreracking.com

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