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Ye Tao put the jade sword into the Dantian to warm up, and then his mind moved to one in the back garden. On the pavilion, in a flash, I saw the area of the back garden, which is now as large as 50 square kilometers. There are small bridges, waterfalls, flowing water, woods, all kinds of jade piles, and more than ten mu of fertile fields. The exotic trees and grasses, which are rarely seen by the outside world, are really like the paradise outside the world, which is really beautiful. And what shocked Ye Tao most was that in the midst of a steep mountain peak, a broad and incomparable line was opened up. The rock ladder road, following the trend, can not see the momentum, like a boundless road to the sky. Cher, what is that? Ye Tao said in shock. Master, that is the hundred-fold mountain where you will be free to test. Cher smiled. What is the function of these hundred mountains? Ye Tao asked again. This hundred mountains are like the long road of spiritual practice, which is more and more difficult step by step, and more and more heavy pressure step by step. More strengthened, it can be said that as long as the master set foot on the first mountain of the hundred mountains, Xiu Wei can achieve the goal of turning. Spirit is the second. The higher you climb, the stronger you are. And this hundred mountains can also quickly strengthen your The body and condense the magic power in your body are really wonderful. Cher explained with a smile. Oh, I see. Ye Tao suddenly realized the truth. However,Magnesium Sulphate producer, Ye Tao has not climbed hundreds of mountains now, after all, there are still Yu Ke waiting outside, and today. He has to go through the formalities of school. For, why the breakthrough of things, Ye Tao at the moment also realized to come over, I am afraid or his previous life. Regret is about to be made up, the heart completely put down, in order to get a breakthrough. Therefore, even if Ye Tao is eager to promote his cultivation,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, he does not dare to give up his studies, and how can he solve it? Later, he did not want to be blocked by the regret of the past. After a little meditation, Ye Tao asked, "Cher, what else has changed in the system this time?" 。 .。 The latest and fastest chapter, please visit [Qishu. Net] www.qisuu.com. Reading is a kind of enjoyment. I suggest you collect it. Chapter 177 of the main text doubles time. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: 2012-3-27 0:07:58 Words in this chapter: 7554 Chapter 177 doubling time. "The main changes this time are …" First, the outside experience space has become larger, reaching 100,000 kilometers, and the most powerful monster has reached the golden elixir period. Second, the time ratio of the body game space has doubled, reaching 4:1 for the outside world. Third, there are many more skills, elixirs and weapons, and so on. Ye Tao heard the time double slightly excited, then opened his mouth, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, "is there a more suitable for me, give me a list." "Master, please look." With a wave of Cher's little hand, a big screen suddenly appeared in front of Ye Tao. Gui yuan Shen Jue (Energy Absorption Skill): Yellow superior skill, which can activate mana to absorb the energy of all things for your own use. It consumes different True Qi according to the size of the object. The initial consumption of mana is 500 points, which is divided into nine levels. The higher the level of training, the faster the energy absorption. The first layer can cover energy objects within a radius of 50 meters, and the specific range varies with the host's mind. (Worth 9.9 billion points of energy) Ripple of Water (Recovery System): It can use mental power to gather the water elements of heaven and earth to form a rotating breeze all over the body. It can quickly record injuries, consume 500 mental power per minute, and increase the recovery speed with the improvement of spiritual roots and cultivation of the water system. (Worth 800,000 energy points) Meteor Fire Rain (Attack): You can use your mental power to summon the fire elements of heaven and earth and rain down a fierce fire rain. Any creature in the magic area will be greatly damaged and consume 3000 mental power. With the improvement of the spirit root and cultivation of the fire system, its power will increase. (Worth 3 million energy points) …… Ye Tao probably took a look and immediately said, "Cher, put all these exercises into my mind." Although he knew that he would certainly suffer a lot if he melted into the method together, as long as he could improve himself, even if he suffered a lot, it was worthwhile. As soon as Ye Tao's voice fell, Cher was a little empty, and a huge white light melted into Ye Tao's mind. In a flash, endless information, in Ye Tao's mind, flow. Suddenly, Ye Tao had a feeling that life was worse than death, his cheeks twitched sharply, and his head seemed to explode, but he clenched his fingers and clenched his teeth without saying a word. However, three minutes later, the message was conveyed. This time, Ye Tao breathed a deep sigh of relief. When looking at the attribute version, his mental strength increased by 3 points. This makes Ye Tao smile slightly, although this is the best way to improve mental strength, but if it goes on like this for a long time, he must collapse, everything still has to have a gradual process. Of all the skills learned, the most interesting one for Ye Tao is animal training. The main purpose of animal taming is to use magic to hypnotize or appease creatures and get the ownership of creatures, which naturally includes animal language, but the more powerful the creature is, the more difficult it is to tame. That's true, but how many truly powerful creatures are there in this world. Then, Ye Tao flew to the most rubbish, the jade mountain in the middle of the hole, started to return to the original magic formula, in an instant, a bright white light rippled on his body, rendering to the surrounding 50 meters position. And the surrounding jade, also emerged a little bit of golden light, toward the body of Ye Tao fierce convergence. But a minute later, the surrounding jade was like the dry bones that had been corroded for thousands of years, slowly turning into powder. "Ding" Congratulations to the host for absorbing the power of jade and gaining 3829334 points of energy. Looking at the number that appeared, Ye Tao was naturally delighted, knowing that what he was absorbing now was just the most rubbish jade, and if he absorbed the best jade, I'm afraid the number would be more than twenty times higher. However, this can only be so think, after all, the world's best jade and how many. If we follow his absorption method,Magnesium Oxide price, I'm afraid, in less than a year at most, we can absorb all the best jade in the world. stargrace-magnesite.com

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