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Zhao Yufei sat down in the chair under the windowsill and said calmly, "Of course it's Miss Wu Yao, the daughter of the Plum Garden. I didn't expect that there would be no ghosts in this house of bells ringing and tripod eating except for a servant tonight. Instead, all the outsiders came and dominated the scene. It's really disappointing." The old woman snorted and asked, "Are you here to steal jade and incense?" "The old woman is so old," said Zhao Yufei. "How can she still think about such a thing?" The ghost mother-in-law flew into a rage and threw chopsticks to change color. Old Song stretched out his hand to stop him. He didn't care about Zhao Yufei's sarcasm. He said, "Young people with sharp teeth and sharp mouths will bring disaster. You're not here to talk to Miss Wu about piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, are you?" "That's between me and Miss Wu," said Zhao Yufei. Who are you waiting for? "Anyone who breaks into the Plum Garden will be put to death," said Lao Dao with a smile. "You are one of the intruders," said the ghost mother-in-law. Old Song said, "There are many masters in the martial arts world, and there are many good players in Jianghu. You must not be an ordinary person. Do you know where I came from?" Zhao Yufei said, "Although I made my debut very late, I am not too unfamiliar with the masters and celebrities on Jianghu Road.". The elder is the famous Evocation Song, the first of the four differences in Jianghu. Thirty years ago, the four differences made trouble in Jingxiang, and the disciples of Wudang closed the mountain gate for them. The ranking of the four differences is Summoning Song, Ghost Woman, Powerful Monk and Xiaoyao Dao. They are all men of the hour in Jianghu, masters and celebrities who lead a group of people. Although they are not ferocious and vicious devils,aluminum tile edge trim, they are not good men and women. Zhao Yufei revealed the identity of the other party. He glanced at the four of them and said, "What puzzles me is why the four seniors came to the Plum Garden to guard the courtyard for others." Evocation Song said with a faint smile, "The four of us, at the request of a younger generation, have come to deal with the gangsters who boldly invaded the Plum Garden with the intention of robbing people and robbing money." The ghost woman grabbed the dragon stick and asked in a deep voice, "Maybe you are the gangster who invaded the Plum Garden and robbed people and money. Show your name." "Do you know the master of the Plum Garden?" Asked Zhao Yufei. "I don't need to know the master's background," Song said. "I only know how to deal with the invading gangsters." Zhao Yufei said with a smile, "So you are.." Monk Dali said,tile profile factory, "The four differences in Jianghu are directed at the morality of Jianghu. You don't have to talk nonsense. If you invade the inner room at night, you will either rape or steal. Even if you turn over your tongue, you can't cover up your crime." "Actually," said Zhao Yufei with a smile, "you're afraid of saying what you're afraid to hear, so as not to be embarrassed. Excuse me, what are you going to do? Xiaoyao nibbled twice, and Yin Yin said with a smile, "No matter where you come from, you can't be killed." Zhao Yufei said, "It seems that you are unreasonable. Tonight.." "You are doomed to hell tonight," Song said in a deep voice. Zhao Yufei opened his eyes angrily and said coldly, "You have forced me to have no way to go. Don't blame me for being presumptuous. You are all together.." With a sneer, the powerful monk rushed to say, "The younger generation is rude. You, a callow younger generation, stainless tile trim ,stainless steel tile edge trim, dare to insult the four different people with a hug. You really don't know whether you are alive or dead." Zhao Yufei's face sank and he said in a deep voice, "I have a companion who fell into the hands of the Wu family in the Plum Garden. I had to take the risk of coming to save people. As the saying goes, saving people is like putting out a fire.." "That's your business. Your problem has nothing to do with us," said the ghost mother surly. Zhao Yufei said in a harsh voice, "You have already hindered my plan to save people, so there is an inevitable conflict of interest between us. We are bound to fight for life and death. Whoever is the winner can stay." The powerful monk tucked in his robe and said in a loud voice, "You're right, junior. The poor monk is ready to release you. The poor monk will give you a fair chance to fight." Zhao Yu flew back to Kongwei and said with a sneer, "Monk, your powerful Vajra Palm is one of the best in Wulin. I'd like to overreach myself and see if your unique skill, the powerful Vajra Palm, is undeserved." The powerful monk moved forward, divided his palms, and said with a sneer, "Younger generation, go ahead. The first three moves are yours. The poor monk promises that you will get what you want. Let you open your eyes.". ” Zhao Yufei pulled away from his horse and said with a smile, "You are old, and I am young and strong. In order not to be laughed at for bullying the old, I will never take advantage of you. I have taken the matter of concession. How about not giving in to each other?" The powerful monk was furious and said in a harsh voice, "Younger generation, do you think the poor monk is old and weak?" Zhao Yufei said, "I didn't expect the master to be very angry." The powerful monk snorted and said, "The poor monk said that three strokes are three strokes." "If you insist," said Zhao Yufei, "I won't stand on ceremony." "Cut the crap and make a move," the powerful monk shouted. Let move, is absolutely not to seize the opportunity to fight back, and can not avoid move, can only rely on real kungfu to resolve, completely adopt is purely defensive. Zhao Yufei approached slowly and said with a half-mocking smile, "Master, if you rely on your old age and sell your old age, you will capsize in the gutter. First move." The sound comes out of the palm, slants the body to deceive the person, the left palm brushes, the right palm empties the straight person, claps to the left rib of the powerful monk. The powerful monk's right palm protected the upper plate, his left palm sank, and he forced Zhao Yufei to attack his right palm under his ribs. He sealed it tightly and looked leisurely without anger. But Zhao Yufei deliberately wanted the powerful monk to look good, and his palms were all like virtual and real lures. At the moment when the moves had not yet fully exerted their power and the palms of both sides were about to touch each other, the right foot in front of him suddenly made a sudden move, and at the same time he shouted in a low voice: "The second move!" The tip of the shoe is neither light nor heavy on the inside of the powerful monk's right knee, and the real force is sudden when it touches. The powerful monk was caught off guard. With a cry of surprise, he twisted to the right and fell down. As soon as he touched the ground, he suddenly turned back and flew to protect himself. He was in a hurry to break his promise and fight back. Unceremoniously, Zhao Yufei followed with a slap on the powerful monk's waist. It was as fast as a flash of lightning, and the force was extremely fierce. At the same time, he shouted in his mouth: "The third move!" The powerful monk's body turned half a turn, unable to get out of danger. His waist was hit by a palm, weighing more than a thousand pounds,aluminium tile trim profiles, and he could no longer support himself. He felt as if his lower body had been shocked by an electric shock, and his eyes were full of stars. He climbed down and struggled to get up. Xiaoyao was taken aback. "What's the matter, monk?" He asked. 。 jecatrims.com

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