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Su Kuang is neither humble nor pushy: "Su Kuang is a national envoy of China, and the national ceremony cannot be abolished." It's also a bow. Unbridled! The Khan said angrily, "a group of barbarians of the Southern Dynasties really have evil intentions-Feng Xi and the Fifth Master Feng!" "The grass people are frightened," said Feng Xihe. Khan said coldly, "Who did you say the princess died in yesterday?" Feng Xihe was surprised: "The grass people don't know.." I just found the princess's golden body, and I didn't dare not report it. Khan's eyes were wide open. "Will you say it?" Feng Xi gritted his teeth and said, "Yes." It's Mu Yunshan of the Beiting Army. Khan sneered, "Really?" "I dare not deceive the Khan," said Feng Xihe. "It was in the chaos of Muyun Mountain that the princess was surprised." The Khan had never asked Su Kuang a word from beginning to end, and Su Kuang only felt a chill in his heart. He waved his hand, "Bring it up." Su Kuang felt dizzy and had only four words in his mind-my life is over! The woman on the shelf of the two northern soldiers turned out to be Palme. She had been tortured so much that she was thrown on the ground like a pool of mud. Her pupils were already dilated, and she only murmured in her mouth: "I confess.." I said it all. Khan's eyes finally turned to Su Kuang's face and burst out word by word: "Su Kuang, what else do you have to say?" "Have nothing to say-" Su Kuang suddenly feet a meal, oneself side grabbed a waist knife, the man has passed the head of the army, to the middle of the Khan straight past. Dozens of spears were thrown at him together, tigerish, Su Kuang turned in the air, the knife in his hand did not stop at all, the spears were pulled down one by one, but the rise was gone, people had fallen to the ground, he gritted his teeth fiercely, brushed two knives to chop down two people, and rushed up for the second time. Long Qing was startled and hurriedly drew his sword to rush up, but Feng Xi and his left hand pressed her shoulder and pushed her back to the ground, but he took advantage of the situation to sweep up, and even rushed straight at Khan. "I attacked three routes." Feng Xi and hurriedly said. Good, I attack- "Su Kuang has not finished a word, Feng Xihe's palm has been clapped on his vest, True Qi straight through the meridians, Su Kuang fell straight from the air to the ground, the knife in his hand fell far away." Feng Xi and- "Su Kuang struggled to stand up, but Feng Xi and gently touched his seven or eight big points, smiling:" No one can slap me, do you understand? " He picked up Su Kuang with one hand and walked up to the Khan. "You deserve to die for deceiving the Khan just now. Kneel down!" His hand exerts force, Su Kuang can not resist after all, ordinary one kneels down the dust, the corner of the mouth a trace of blood oozed out. As soon as the warriors on both sides rushed up, they took the ox tendon, tied Su Kuang to death, and put him in front of the Khan's seat. Long Qing could hardly believe her eyes and said in a trembling voice, "Feng Xi and you.." Feng Xihe whispered, "Qinger, we must walk out alive..." Long Qing slowly raised his head, looked at the man who depended on life and death, spat, and slapped him heavily in the face. It was the second slap he had received in his life. Feng Xihe took a deep breath and said, temperature scanning kiosks , "I'm sorry, Qinger. I have to think about my tens of thousands of brothers." He could not bear to look at Long Qing's eyes, stretched out his fingers to hit Long Qing's acupoint, pushed back, followed by Xiao Shuang hurriedly holding. Long Qing screamed, "Feng Xihe, I'm blind, so I'll take a fancy to you." Feng Xi and his footsteps gave him a slight pause, but he still stepped forward and prostrated himself: "The sinners were badly hurt by the Beiting Army. It is not easy to capture this man." Khan laughed and said, "Fifth Master Feng really lives up to his reputation. Good, good!"! You can rest assured, Gongger grassland, I may not take it to heart. Feng Xihe, you have made a great contribution. A single soldier of the Northern Army will never be added to your territory. Feng Xi and Dun Shou said, "Thank you, Lord Long." Long Qing lowered his head and refused to look at the scene. Even Xiao Shuang, who was behind him, trembled slightly, as if he had the impulse to draw a knife. Sixteen North Court soldiers were captured and pushed to the ground, cursing in their mouths. Khan smiled and said, "Fifth Master, this is your territory. If someone is disrespectful to me, what should I do?" Feng Xi looked up and said, "Just a word from the emperor." Khan nodded. "I'm right.". ” Feng Xihe stood up and walked up to the group of captives. His voice was as flat as ever: "Long live and tell you to shut up. Can't you hear me?" The whole head of the man at his feet was pressed into the mud, but he struggled and scolded, "Feng Xi and, you are a beast." "It's a fool not to have anything new to curse." Feng Xi smiled softly and stepped on his head. The young man's skull was shattered, and milky white brains gushed out of his black hair with blood. A heart-rending scream seemed to be shouted by Long Qing, but it did not seem to be-it was hardly a human voice, but the wailing of a wounded trapped animal. Feng Xi and sighed, but then "walk" down, each step, is a head smashed at the foot. Even Su Kuang couldn't help shouting, "Feng, if you dare, kill me first." "What's your hurry? Do you want to live?" Feng Xihe finally "walked" the last step, looked at his boots with regret, full of blood and brains, even the soldiers of the Northern Army who were known for their toughness could not help but begin to vomit. He walked to Su Kuang's side, clasped his shoulder with one hand, and dragged Khan a few steps. "Does this man want the sinners to do it?" Khan stepped down from the high platform step by step and looked at Su Kuang, who was crawling in the dust. His eyes were bright to the extreme, the corners of his mouth were stubborn and sneering, and the tendons wrapped upside down around his neck were so tight that his face was purple, and the blood drops gradually seeped out at the intersection of the tendons. Knife- "Khan reached out.". Feng Xi and his right hand pulled out the impermanence knife, turned the handle upside down and handed it over, but his left hand was a slight touch. Good knife. The Khan took the knife in his hand, gently wiped the blade, and suddenly, a knife went straight down, so fast that there was no master of any knife. But Feng Xihe's left palm had been cut out and cut on Khan's face. This palm almost condensed his life's strength. With a click, Khan's nose bone, cheekbone and skull were all broken. Under the huge palm force, the neck bone was also broken. A ragged head was folded back on his back and shaken by a layer of soft armor on the back of his neck. hsdtouch.com

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