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"Boom!" The holy spirit changed into a tornado tearing the earth, with Meng Xiang's demonized body as the eye of the storm, blowing the ground "grinning" straight, and the smaller debris was even blown away and torn to pieces. What a domineering power! Xianshui's face was full of surprise. After practicing and fighting fiercely, especially after entering a specific regiment and fighting with many strong people, he felt that the degree of subtlety was getting higher and higher, the proportion of concentrated spiritual light was getting larger and larger, and the power of the outbreak was getting stronger and stronger. For any strong man, the fierce battle of life and death is a shortcut to enhance his strength. Meng Xiang's fist has hit the body of Xianshui, his speed has reached the speed of sound, the distance of tens of meters takes almost negligible time, but Xianshui even in Youyou Bai has experienced hundreds of battles, with incomparable fighting talent and the power of holy phosgene, he actually took Meng Xiang's fist with both hands and palms. However, the earth is not as strong as the body of the fairy water. Boom! The ground was torn and exploded, and in order to relieve the force, the fairy water was forced to jump back and fly hundreds of meters in an instant. Shave! The ground on which Meng Xiang stood was blown into powder, and before the fairy water had stabilized his body, Meng Xiang had already scurried to the side of his body, which was still rushing backward. Die! Meng Xiang raised his iron fist and punched Xianshui in the chest. Xianshui's arms protected his heart,Calacatta Nano Glass, and his body was punched into the ground by Meng Xiang. There was another deafening explosion, and the body of Xianshui was driven into the ground for tens of meters, and then the ground subsided, collapsing like quicksand in the desert, burying the body of Xianshui underground. Meng Xiang gasped slightly, trying to separate the concentrated energy in order to suppress the loss of energy. The ground that already became young sand almost suddenly explodes, fairy water jumps to the distance of more than 50 meters dexterously,Slate Wall Panel, two arms are pinched gently, unexpectedly without damage. Meng Xiang could not imagine that Xianshui's somewhat emaciated body could actually take over his boxing. Obviously, the defense of the gas steel bucket clothes played an important role. Crack kick purple inflammation bullet! Hundreds of balls of energy congealed by holy Qi light were kicked out from the feet of Xianshui and shot at Meng Xiang from all sides. This time the crack kicks the purple inflammation bullet power to be strong, the light sends the energy ball, Meng Xiang certainly does not put in the eye, but if is hit continuously, his body will be injured inevitably. For the strong in close combat, physical injury, combat effectiveness will decline more or less, so Meng Xiang had to launch Lingju again. Boom, boom.. Meng Xiang has nowhere to escape from the dense energy balls. In the initial state of spiritual gathering, the trajectory of each energy ball is vivid because of the rapid increase in speed. There was really no way to avoid it, but Meng Xiang smashed the crack kick Ziyan bullet with his fists and feet, hundreds of energy balls, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Grey Marble Slab, and even none of them could hurt his body. Ha ha, there's more. The fairy water once again condensed a stronger energy ball, and with one kick, it turned into a thousand energy fragments. Meng Xiang was so anxious that he continued to use spiritual gathering to make his energy pass rapidly. Even if he did not attack the fairy water and only maintained the state of spiritual gathering, he could not suppress the continuous outbreak of concentrated holy gas. Spell it. Meng Xiang bit his teeth and "shaved" the energy balls that were raining down. Suddenly, the energy balls continued to "shoot" at his body, and then exploded, hitting and burning his body. Had it not been for the state of demonization, Meng Xiang would have splashed his flesh in this round of collision. Xianshui seemed to have expected Meng Xiang to make such a move, and after kicking out the Ziyan bullet again, he quickly raised his fist. Break the Wind Fist! Meng Xiang has just experienced the impact of the energy ball, and now he has been torn by countless wind blades, and he is in great pain. But he can no longer let time pass in vain, in addition to Sun Yan's side of the battle situation is unpredictable, he can not let his energy waste. Whoa.. Hundreds of square meters of already incomplete ground at Meng Xiang's feet were all disintegrated and fragmented, and the earth seemed to turn into a rugged cliff in a twinkling of an eye, and his rear had become a 100-meter cliff. Spray! Meng Xiang uses the burst of energy as a thrust to keep his body moving forward at the speed of "shaving". Boom! Meng Xiang's right foot had already swept the left shoulder of Xianshui. With a "crackle", the steel bucket clothes on the left shoulder of Xianshui turned into fragments. He was swept hundreds of meters by Meng Xiang's foot, which made the slightly flat ground in the distance burst out a deep pit tens of meters long again. Gasify the defensive armor, so that Xianshui's battle belongs to the "sex" greatly reduced, in the face of Meng Xiang, who launched the first level of Lingju, he has long been unable to confront head-on. But holy phosgene is holy gas, and the "quality" of gas is far from spiritual light holy gas, even such as super Saiyan energy and spiritual pressure. The defense after high concentration materialization is like double B level or even level defense props, so although the gas steel bucket clothes are broken, the left shoulder of fairy water is intact. If we continue to seesaw, we are afraid that it will not be good. Gas steel bucket clothes are materialized with high energy. It is better to use mature Tianjing attack effect than to use energy boxing directly under the premise of not using atomic-level attack. This is the reason why Meng Xiang has not used Tianjing. However, since the attack power of the first level of Lingju can kick the broken gas steel bucket clothes, then the surface of Xianshui in order to maintain this defensive state, the holy phosgene also drops rapidly. As long as the fairy water is no longer given various means to delay time, Meng Xiang is confident that in the next 10 seconds, he will kick the gas steel bucket clothes and kill the fairy water. Although he knew that now Lingju had been launched for more than five seconds, even if he took Xianshui, he had no spare power to deal with Xuantian Evil Emperor, but as long as he joined forces with Sun Yan in two to one, even if he did not launch Lingju, he would not necessarily lose in the hands of Xuantian Evil Emperor. This was the script that Meng Xiang came up with in this moment. What a strong holy spirit. Fairy Water pinched his left shoulder and said fanatically, "Although the power system is different, your holy spirit seems to be an incomplete power, or a power that is still sleeping.". I'm looking forward to the full state of your power, but I'm afraid that's not possible. This battle must be decided by life and death. "Incomplete power?"? What power is that? Through subtle insight, even hundreds of meters apart, through the mouth shape of Xianshui and the weak air flow generated when speaking, Meng Xiang "heard" what Xianshui had just said. The latest and fastest chapter,grey marble slab, please log in [], reading is a kind of enjoyment, I suggest you collect. Inception Chapter 518 Primer Spirit Gathering vs Holy Phosgene. forustone.com

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