Using Debits and Credits
To Record Transactions
Using Detail Accounts
Skills Test

Let's see if you've got your ducks in a row regarding accounts, transactions, and debits and credits. You can breathe a sigh of relief. These transactions are not our mowing guys (ABC Company).

Simple Debit/Credit Rule
All Accounts have a Normal Balance which is either a Debit Balance or a Credit Balance. Assets, Expenses, and Draws all have Normal Debit Balances. Liabilities, Owner's Equity (Capital), and Revenue all have Normal Credit Balances. Enter an amount in the Normal Balance Side of an Account to Increase the Balance of an Account and in the opposite side to Decrease the Balance of an Account.

Select the appropriate Accounts to Debit and Credit to record the following transactions:

Note: Some transactions may use a term or cover material that we've not discussed. These transactions are optional and are provided for those who are reviewing and are not new to the world of accounting and bookkeeping. The transaction description begins with the word OPTIONAL. You may give em a try or just move on to the next transaction.

Transaction .


Select the Account to Debit from the list above

Select the Account to Credit from the list above