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Why Buy ?

It benefits us both. A good deal is when everybody wins. You win by getting an excellent introductory accounting and bookkeeping reference, and I win by getting funds to help support development of additional bookkeeping and accounting tutorials and tools.

I'm one of the little guys and appreciate any and all support !

For a little fun, watch my video Why Buy ?
Have you ever wondered -
  • What those terms used in the financial world actually mean?
  • What exactly are those financial statements telling ya?
  • If you have a bookkeeper, is he or she performing their duties proficiently?
  • What those accounting and bookkeeping software programs are actually doing "behind the scenes"?

My interactive bookkeeping and accounting tutorials are designed to blend in a little humor while at the same time providing you with a good basic bookkeeping and accounting educational foundation. No, you won't be able to pass the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam; but, you will at least be able to discuss financial matters intelligently and know what is actually involved when performing bookkeeping and accounting activities.

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Well my goal is to make you dangerous.

So, if you want to or need to learn the basics of bookkeeping these tutorials are for you.

What's offered, how do I order, what are my options, how much, and how do I pay ? During these tough times, I'm offering a 20% discount !  When checking out enter Coupon Code 20off.
So, you want to learn Bookkeeping! - New Version
My So, you want to learn Bookkeeping! Introductory Bookkeeping Course introduces you to beginning bookkeeping. This online bookkeeping course is designed for beginners (newbies) and provides an introduction into the world of accounting. This tutorial can also be used as a quick bookkeeping refresher course for those wanting to brush up on their bookkeeping basics.

An Interactive Ebook Html (Browser)Tutorial Version and a PDF Version is provided. The PDF Version is provided in order to simplify printing out a "hard" copy of the tutorial.

One day with the Introductory Course is all that many need in order to get a grasp of what makes accounting and bookkeeping tick.

What's Improved

  • Broke the Lessons down into segments (more manageable "bites")
  • Better Menu System
  • Removed some Interactive Links in some tables that might have been a little bit confusing
  • Added Videos to emphasize key concepts
  • More Mobile Friendly
Order So, you want to learn Bookkeeping New Version

New Introductory Tutorial - Ebook Download - $14.95
Oldie But Goodie
My original series of my Bookkeeping Tutorials.

My So, you want to learn Bookkeeping! - Series is made up of six (6) tutorials:
  • So,you want to learn Bookkeeping! - Introduction
  • So,you want to learn Bookkeeping! - Chart Of Accounts
  • So,you want to learn Bookkeeping! - Special Journals
  • So,you want to learn Bookkeeping! - Cash
  • So,you want to learn Bookkeeping! - Merchandise Inventory
  • So,you want to learn Bookkeeping! - Payroll
One day with the Introductory Course is all that many need in order to get a grasp of what makes accounting and bookkeeping tick. The other bookkeeping courses build on and add to the information acquired in the Introductory Course.

An Interactive Ebook Tutorial Version and a PDF Version is provided for each of the tutorials. The PDF Version is provided in order to simplify printing out a "hard" copy of the tutorials and also to allow individuals with Apple (McIntosh) and other computers the ability to get a non-interactive PDF version of the tutorials.

Printing out a copy of the ebook allows you to follow along with the interactive ebook version and also provides you with a handy accounting and bookkeeping reference book that you can refer to when needed.

The PDF Versions make up 550 pages of printed text.

Over 125 Accounting and Bookkeeping Quizzes, Skill Tests, Puzzles, and Games, with over 2,000 questions and answers are provided for you to see what you know about basic accounting principles and concepts.

The tests and games include those included in my tutorials as well as additional tests and games. These tests used flash which is no longer supported.

New: New Versions of my So,you want to learn Bookkeeping!-Introduction, Interactive Ebook and PDF Versions which I sell for $14.95 are also included for free.
Order So, you want to learn Bookkeeping Complete Set

So, you want to learn Bookkeeping-All Tutorials - $24.95
Order So, you want to learn Bookkeeping - Chart Of Accounts

The chart of accounts tutorial and course defines, explains, and discusses what the chart of accounts is, how it's organized by major account types, balance sheet and income statement accounts, and its purpose. In addition, codes are introduced and defined.
Chart of Accounts Tutorial - Ebook Download - FREE

New Course

Baldy's Barber Shop Practice Complete Set

On Sale Only- $24.95 normally $49.95
Baldy’s Barber Shop accounting and bookkeeping practice set course was made to provide individuals and students with an overview of how the manual concepts taught in an introductory accounting course can be applied to a manual and computerized accounting system. In addition, the practice set illustrates the benefits of using a computerized accounting and bookkeeping system. The practice set uses a one month accounting cycle for a fictional business (Baldy's Barber Shop) and is a great way for individuals and students to learn and test the bookkeeping skills needed to properly perform the necessary bookkeeping and accounting tasks

Manual Practice Set Version
You also have the option of only purchasing the Manual Practice Set Version for only $9.95.

Bean Counter Quizzes and Tests

See what you know by checking out my Skill Tests, Basic Bookkeeping Tests, and Bookkeeping Tests By Topic with over 100 tests and over 2,500 bookkeeping and accounting questions to help you assess what you know about bookkeeping and accounting.


Teacher's Special
Unlike other Ebooks or Courses, this is a one time fee that allows the purchaser to make as many copies as they need to distribute to students with no additional fees required as long as the materials are used for educational purposes.
My normal method of payment is PayPal. You don't have to have a PayPal Account. You can use your PayPal Account if you have one or when you click on the PayPal Buy Button fill in section that says Pay With a Debit or Credit Card.

After completing your payment, you will be sent an email with the download links.

Note:The Interactive Ebook Versions are not compatible with Apple Computers. The non-interactive PDF Versions are compatible with most computers but do require the free Adobe PDF Reader or another compatible PDF file reader and are only available in English.
Order Bound Paperback Versions from Lulu

The cost of each of the individual tutorial bound paperback versions is $14.95 except for the Chart Of Accounts which costs $9.95. Shipping is a small additional cost.

Best Buy
I've published all  six (6) of my tutorials bound as one paperback version which costs $24.95 plus shipping. If you do the math, the All Courses Bound Paperback Version is by far your best buy.

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Guarantee and Refunds
Many hours have been invested in developing these tutorials that explain the basics of bookkeeping and accounting in laymen terms and your purchase aids in the development of additional learning materials.

I run across so many scams anymore that it's hard to trust anyone anymore. I'm actually an honest and trustworthy guy; but, you don't know that. So instead of trusting me, I'll trust you. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied or are unhappy with your purchase, your full payment will be propmptly refunded. No questions asked.

Refunds must be requested within 60 days of purchase. Normally, there are no refunds for the bound paperback versions from Lulu due to the costs of printing, binding, and shipping.
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