Sales Forecast Worksheet                                                
      This sales forecast worksheet  was patterned from a template published by                                
      This worksheet is where you enter your estimated or historical sales data.                                    
      There are two methods that you can use to prepare your Sales Estimate.                                    
      (1)  Simple Sales Estimate                                           
      (2)  Sales Estimate Using Historical Data                                        
      The simple method only requires you to estimate your sales for the number of periods that you                                
      want to prepare a projection for.                                        
      The historical data method requires you to enter sales amounts from your prior financial statements.                                
Cash Projection Worksheet   Month 1 represents the beginning month of your projections.                                       
Cash Payments Worksheet   If your beginning month is April for example, enter your April figures in Month 1,                                   
Weekly Forecast Worksheet   your May figures in Month 2, and so on in the yellow highlighted areas.                                    
Charts Worksheet                                                  
      Note: Only use one method to prepare your sales estimates.                                    
Sales Estimates                                                  
Simple Sales Estimate                                    
If you want to use the Simple Method enter a T (stands for True) in the box below and fill in the monthly amounts in the Simple Sales Forecast.                                     
If you want to use the Historical Method enter a F (stands for False) and enter the number of years of historical data between 1-5                                    
located in the Sales Estimated Using Historical Data Section that you want to enter and use for your sales forecast.                                     
Then enter the monthly historical amounts for the months and years in the Sales History Forecast.                                    
Use Simple Sales Forecast   F[1]                                    
( Enter T or F)                                          
Simple Sales Forecast                                        
Month     Amount                                    
Month 1                                          
Month 2                                          
Month 3                                          
Month 4                                          
Month 5                                          
Month 6                                          
Month 7                                          
Month 8                                          
Month 9                                          
Month 10                                          
Month 11                                          
Month 12                                          
Note: If you enter your sales data in the simple estimate above you do not need to enter any other data below.                                        
Sales Estimated Using Historical Data                                        
Instructions: (1) Enter Number of Years of Historical Sales Information that you want to enter. (2) Enter sales in  whole dollars in the yellow user areas. (3) Enter your opinion of your anticipated business-cycle conditions in the small yellow box.                                        
Definition - Seasonality:  Ups and downs in sales each period (month)  that occur during a 12-month period
Definition -
Business Cycle: Forecaster's Estimate of whether Future Sales Will Increase or Decrease
Definition -
Secular Trend: Upward or downward long-term trend 
Number Of Years     2[2]                                        
Sales History Forecast Business Cycle Opinion Factor (Default=100%)                                        
Months Instructions[3] Average: Seasonality
      2 Yrs Ago 1 Yr Ago                                              
Month 1       27000 31000 29000 81% 32756                                        
Month 2       30000 34000 32000 90% 36145                                        
Month 3       35000 37000 36000 101% 40663                                        
Month 4       31000 30000 30500 85% 34450                                        
Month 5       37000 40000 38500 108% 43487                                        
Month 6       29000 32000 30500 85% 34450                                        
Month 7       38000 43000 40500 113% 45746                                        
Month 8       33000 36000 34500 97% 38968                                        
Month 9       29000 31000 30000 84% 33886                                        
Month 10       40000 44000 42000 118% 47440                                        
Month 11       36000 39000 37500 105% 42357                                        
Month 12       45000 50000 47500 133% 53652                                        
Average       34167 37250 35708   Annual Total
Total       410000 447000     484000                                        
      96% 104%   Secular Trend

Enter a T (capital letter) if you want to use the Simple Sales Estimate or Enter an F (capital letter) if you want to use historical data to estimate your sales.
The T stands for True and the F stands for False.
Enter the number of years of historical  information ( 1 to 5 years allowed) that you want to use to estimate your sales. Enter 1 for 1 year
Enter 2 for 2 years
Enter 3 for 3 years
Enter 4 for 4 years
Enter 5 for five years

Enter the sales by month for each year listed in the heading of this table.