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Accounting Glossary

How Well Do You Know The Accounting Language ?

No matter what career or skill you are pursuing, you need to learn the language made up of the terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. Accounting and bookkeeping is no different. Accounting is the language of business. In order to pursue an accounting or bookkeeping career, knowledge of the terminology is a must. In addition, in order to discuss and understand your business with your accountant, bookkeeper, banker, or other business associates you need to be familiar with basic accounting and bookkeeping terms. No, you don't have to know all the terminology but at least the basic terms.
A glossary (dictionary) of common accounting and bookkeeping terms is provided to aid you in understanding accounting and bookkeeping terminology. A PDF Version of the glossary is also provided to download for those wanting a "hard copy". In addition, a test is provided to test your knowledge of accounting terms. A HangMan game is also provided for those wanting to have a little fun while testing their knowledge of accounting terms.

Additional Help for understanding accounting and bookkeeping terminology.

So, you want to learn Bookkeeping! - Lesson1 - The Bookkeeping Language
Note:You can also download a free PDF Version of the lesson!

BC's YouTube Accounting & Bookkeeping Terms Videos

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