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My Free Stuff

Free Stuff
Free Accounting & Business Guides

Need help understanding debits and credits ? Get my Debit & Credit Cheat Sheet.

Starting A Business ? Get my Starting A Business Checklist.

Are you taking care of your business ? Get my Small Business Tips.

Need help with your Cash Flow ? Get Bean Counter's Cash Forecasting Templates.

Need help setting up a Chart of Accounts ? Get my Balance Sheet and Income Statement Charts Of Accounts.

Bean Counter's Small Business Tips                              Bean Counter's Starting A Business To Do List

Bean Counter's Debit/Credit Chart                                Balance Sheet Chart Of Accounts      

Bean Counter's Cash Forecasting Templates          Income Statement Chart Of Accounts
Download Bean Counter's Cash Forecast Workbook
Excel Version                                                           Bean Counter's Accounting & Bookkeeping Glossary
Download BC Cash Forecast - Excel

Download Bean Counter's Cash Forecast Workbook         Free Accounting Basics Textbook/Tutorial
Open Office Version

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