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Statement Analysis

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These financial analysis and ratio videos are provided for your review courtesy of Professor Alldredge.
Financial Statements Analysis

Financial Statements Horizontal Analysis

Financial Statements Vertical Analysis

Financial Analysis Common Size Statements

Profitabilty Ratios

Return on Sales

Return on Assets

Return on Equity

Gross Profit Percentage
Liquidity Ratios

Working Capital

Current Ratio

Acid Test

Cash Ratio

Solvency Ratios

Times Interest Earned

Debt To Assets (Debt Ratio)

Debt to Equity

Activity Ratios

Asset Turnover Ratio

Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio

Average Receivables Collection Days (Days Sales In Receivables)

Inventory Turnover Ratio

Average Accounts Payable Payment Days (Days Payable Outstanding)

Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio

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