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Bank Statement Deposits

Bank Reconciliations > Reconciliation Exercise
Mom's comparison oh her Checkbook Deposits with the Bank Statement Deposits found Deposits Recorded in the Bank Statement but not yet  Recorded In The Checkbook. These are the Deposits without a Checkmark.
Wehavemoney Bank
Anywhere Street
Anywhere City, Anywhere State xxxxx
Ma and Pa's Antiques
Account Number xxxxxxxxxx
Anywhere Street
Anywhere City, Anywhere State xxxxx
Balance From Prior Statement0




Bank Fees and Charges85

Other Drafts and Charges1000

  Total Disbursements20485

Balance as of Jan 28,xxxx23315

Deposit Details:Jan 525000Jan 85000

Jan 112000Jan 142000

Jan 171000Jan 215000

Jan 253000Jan 26800

Total Deposits43800

Disbursement Details:
Jan 8-Ck 1001000Jan 10-Ck 1011500

Jan 10-ID
400Jan 11-Ck 1025000

Jan 9-Ck 103800Jan 10 Ck 104600

Jan 11 CPF
Jan 14 CCF

Jan 19 NSF
500Jan 20 Ck 106100

Jan 20 Ck 107200Jan 25 Ck 1086000

Jan 25 Ck 109200Jan 26 Ck 1111000

Jan 28 Ck 1123000
Jan 28 MSF

Total Checks19400

Bank Charges and Fees85

Other Drafts and Fees1000

 Total Disbursements20485


NSF-Non Sufficient Funds Check

CPF-Check Printing Fees

CCF-Credit Card Fees

MSF-Monthly Service Fees

ID-Insurance Draft

Deposits Recorded In The Bank Statement Not Recorded In Checkbook
These are the Deposits without a Checkmark
Jan 8,xxxx5000Bank Loan
Jan 14,xxxx2000Credit Card Sales

Deposits In Transit
Deposits Recorded In the Checkbook Not Bank Statement
Deposits In Transit as of January 31,xxxx
Jan 28,xxxxDeposit Slip 7700
Jan 30,xxxxDeposit Slip 82500
Jan 31,xxxxDeposit Slip 91900
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