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Operating Expense Worksheet

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Cash Operating Expenses Worksheet
Used to estimate and enter your different types of Payments (expenses)
Cash Operating Expenses Summary
4-Week & 5-Week Periods
Add Extra Expense Categorys To The Worksheet
The worksheet allows you to enter Additional Expense Categories to the Worksheet Using the Yellow Highlighted Area.

Note: Although shown in the Schedule above in the "Blank" worksheet you'll be using for our Example Of Ma & Pa we need to add the following additional expenses to our Worksheet:
  • Refinishing Supplies- Use 1.5% as the percentage amount
  • Shipping & Packing Crates-Use 1.79% as the percenrage amount
Where Do We Get This Information ?
Ma and Pa reviewed their Profit and Loss Statements for the last three years and decided to use the information from their most current year's statement for their Cash Projection estimates of their operating expenses.

What's next ?

Weekly Cash Forecast Spreadsheet
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