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General Ledger

General Ledger -A book containing the accounts and balances for all of a business’s assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and expense accounts.

You can think of the General Ledger as a file cabinet that contains a record (folder) for each of your accounts.
Sample of General Ledger Accounts

Blank Account Form

The Account Form contains the following Columns

  • Account Name
  • Account Number (Optional)
  • Date records the date of the posting
  • Description is used to optionally provide additional information about the amounts posted
  • Posting Reference (Post Ref.) to identify what Special Journal the amount was posted from
  • Debit Amount
  • Credit Amount
  • Account Balance is the current Balance of the account after updating the debit and credit amounts posted to the account.

The source of amounts posted to the General Ledger Accounts are the Special Journals.
Account Name: Account Number:
Post Ref.

Cash Account
Account Name: CashAccount Number: 100
Post Ref.

Accounts Receivable Control Account
Account Name: Accounts Receivable-Control AccountAccount Number: 150
Post Ref.

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