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While my quizzes are presented online for free, I've provided an option for individuals, teachers, and instructors to purchase a copy of all my quizzes. Purchase over 100 tests with approximately 2,500 questions lasting approximately 50 hours.
Why would you want to buy my bookkeeping quizzes and tests ?

  • You get access to free quiz making software - Hot Potatoes that you can use to create your own bookkeeping tests and exams.
  • You can print out the bookkeeping quizzes and use them in the classroom the "ole" fashion way (paper tests).
  • You can install a copy of the bookkeeping tests on as many computers as needed where they can be used without being online (connected to the internet).
  • The over 100 bookkeeping quizzes and tests provide approximately 50 hours of classroom activities.
  • Last but not least, you provide support to my sites that enable me to develop more courses, videos, and tests and buy a fast food hamburger.
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