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Mastering Bookkeeping Basics

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Mastering Bookkeeping Basics
This bookkeeping mini-course Mastering Bookkeeping Basics is based on my introductory tutorial So, you want to learn Bookkeeping ! The course is made up of video lessons and is basically an appetizer instead of the full course meal. This is ideal for those just wanting a dose of the basics and pressed for time. The course lasts a little over an hour.
Learning Objectives
After completing this course, you should know or be able to perform the following:
Understand what accounting and bookkeeping is, why it’s important, and the key terms needed to discuss and properly use financial information.

Understand the following that makes bookkeeping “work”:
  • Accounts/Chart Of Accounts
  • Accounting Equation(s)
  • Double Entry Accounting System
  • Debits and Credits
  • Rules
  • Formal Records and Documents
  • How to analyze and record transactions using the formal financial records such as Journals and the General Ledger.
  • What Financial Statements are and how they are prepared and used.
Bookkeeping Basics
Mastering Bookkeeping Basics
Types Of Businesses

Types Of Business Organizations
Bookkeeping Accounts
Chart Of Accounts
Learning Aids
Accounting Equation
Bookkeeping Rules
Debits And Credits
Bookkeeping Transactions
Accounting and Bookkeeping Records
Computer or Manual Bookkeeping System ?
Financial Statements
Course Critique
Bookkeeping Quizzes
Bookkeeping Quiz-2 Multiple Choice
Bookkeeping Quiz-1 Multiple Choice
Bookkeeping Quiz-3 Multiple Choice
Bookkeeping Quiz-2 True or False
Bookkeeping Quiz-1 True or False
Bookkeeping Quiz-3 True or False
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