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Quick Bookkeeping Insights

What's an Insight ?
Bean Counter's bookkeeping insights provide a brief explanation and a basic understanding of accounting and bookkeeping concepts. You can relate my insights to ordering a meal at a restaurant. My insights are the appetizers, while my bookkeeping courses and tutorials are the main course.
The Insight Section is divided into seven categories. Two basic categories Basic Bookkeeping Concepts that discuss and explain common accounting and bookkeeping terms and concepts and two advanced categories Advanced  Bookkeeping Topics that explain and discuss more advanced bookkeeping terms and concepts. Also included are the following sections.

A Mini-Lecture and Course Category that  includes:
  • Bean Counter's Mini Lectures
The lectures include twelve video bookkeeping lectures lasting approximately 30 minutes.  A written transcript is also available.
  • Mastering Bookkeeping Basics Course
This bookkeeping mini-course Mastering Bookkeeping Basics is based on my introductory tutorial So, you want to learn Bookkeeping ! The course is made up of video lessons and is
basically an appetizer instead of the full course meal. This is ideal for those just wanting a dose of the basics and pressed for time. The course lasts a little over an hour.
  • Animated Accounting
A series of nine animated videos discussing basic bookkeeping topics.

An Other Insights Category that includes:
  • Bookkeeper's Tasks - what does a bookkeeper do ?
  • Starting A Business - what steps are needed to setup and start a business ?

In addition, videos are also provided as an aid for understanding these concepts.

Lastly, a Questions and Answers Category is provided so you can ask and get answers to your accounting and bookkeeping questions.

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