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Who made the rule that we can't have a little fun and learn at the same time ? Definitely Not Me !!!!!

Like the song "You Made Lovin Fun" by Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks, one of my goals is to make Bookkeeping Fun !
All Good Things Come to an End

Unfortunately Flash by Adobe is going the way of the dinosaur by year end 2020 -becoming extinct. This is the software that I used to create my games. If you notice, if you click on my links you have to allow Flash to run on your computer.

This created a lot of additional work for me. I had to convert all my quizzes and games to the "ole" fashion quizzes. You can access them with the following links:

For the "kid" in all of us, try my Bean Counter Bookkeeping Games.
  • Fling The Teacher
  • Basketball
  • Walk The Plank
  • Teacher Invaders
  • En Garde
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Unscramble Words (Anagram)

Fling The Teacher
The object of my Fling The Teacher Bookkeeping and Accounting Games is to build a trebuchet by correctly answering questions. If you can get it completely built, you can get rid of me (at least for a little while) by using the catapult to fling me away. A trebuchet, for those like me that didn't know, is a catapult or type of medieval artillery used during sieges.
Three "Help Lines" are available for you to use as an aid in answering three of the questions. The Help Lines are:
  1. Ask - get advice from an expert (me)
  2. Vote - what others think the correct answer is
  3. -2 - removes two of the answers and leaves two - one of which is correct

The objective of my Basketball Bookkeeping and Accounting Games is to test your 3-point shooting skills in addition to testing your basic bookkeeping and accounting knowledge. The game is made up of 10 questions. For each correct answer, you get a chance at making a 3-point shot. In order to make a basket, you have to line up your shot both vertically and horizontally by centering the red moving ball in the green circle by clicking your mouse and using your timing skills. You can also move the shooter to different areas of the court.

Walk The Plank
The objective of my Walk The Plank Bookkeeping and Accounting Games is to feed me to the sharks by making me walk the plank. You accomplish this by answering bookkeeping and accounting questions correctly. How far you get me out on the plank is also determined by rolling dice to see how far I move out for a correct answer, or how far I move back for a wrong answer.

Teacher Invaders
This game is similar to one of my favorite games Space Invaders. The objective of my Teacher Invaders Game is to score points by answering questions correctly and shooting the advancing teachers. You get time to shoot at the beginning of the game and additional time by answering bookkeeping and accounting questions correctly.

En Garde
Test your sword fighting (fencing) skills and accounting knowledgee while answering accounting and bookkeeping questions. Each correct answer provides you with the opportunity to test your agility.

Word Games
Crossword Puzzles and Unscramble Word (Anagram) Games
Test your knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping terms with these puzzles.

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